Train robber : डाकू

Historic town Honesdale is known as "Birthplace of American railroad." Once it was a mining town. Barge filled up with coal used to travel up north to New york city.
Now it has become a tourist attraction. During summer , you can enjoy a train robbery. as you can see here a robber is caught !
अमेरिका में रेलमार्ग की जन्मस्थली होंसडेल अब एक पयर्टक स्थल है । कभी यहां से जलमार्ग से न्यूयॉर्क कोयला भेजा जाता था ।

Yes these cowboys do whole nine yards , whether it is whipping hunter or mocked hand fight। Oh yeah, did I tell you about open shooting in broad daylight too?

दिनदहाड़े गोलीबारी भी हो गयी जनाब !

Atul Arora

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Udan Tashtari said...

बड़े खतरनाक डाकू हैं भाई... :)